Welcome to Restaurant Oustau

whose meaning is "hostel" in French Provencal, one of the most emblematic restaurants of the old town of altea.

In our restaurant you can enjoy the best French international creative cuisine in a centennial building decorated with eclectic finesse plus a lush garden.

To visit the Oustau Restaurant is to be invited to the house of Oliver Burri (master of cermonias) and Pascual Robles (chef), who has run the restaurant for more than 35 years

We invite you to visit us and create your own opinion. Are you coming?

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Some of our favorites —


Tuna Tartar « Scarlett Johansson »

Prepared with Avocado, Mango, and Coconut milk.


« East of Eden » Salad

with roasted red peppers, Avocado and Goat Cheese….unforgettable James Dean!


« Daedpool » Salad

Candied Duck, and Mache. Ryan is made for it! By the way, we do shipping…..even to L.A!


Aubergine pie « K. Spacey »

with Oignons, and a Goat’s Cheese gratin to top it. Welcome at the White House.


Duck Foie Gras Verrine « Tyrion Lannister »

with a topping of red wine Jelly, and a base of Apples. …..the size is not always the matter!


Blinis « Mission Imposible »

you would’nt love it ! With Prawns and Honey, over a bed of Fine Herbs Cheese.



Filet of beef « Golden Eye »

Foie gras, Apples, Red Port Wine. A tribute! So classy, so Bond, so you….


Duckling breast « Tom Hardy »

just to get mad on the road!! Honey, Spices, Curcuma, Ginger, Jerez Vinegar. 100% Octane.


Red tuna filets « By Mr. Fassbender »

Teriyaki Sauce, on a Zucchini puree bed. Michael’s father, Chef Josef, own recipe.


Cod fish filets « Channing Tatum »

a layer of Potatoes, the cod filets, and a Garlic Emulsion Gratin. Magic Mike!


Gilt-Head Filets « House Of Cards »

Politically correct....but will surprise you, with its Piquillo Pepper Sauce, and its Garlic Mash. 

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Direction :

Calle Mayor, 5,

03590, Altea, Alicante

+34 96 584 20 78


-Tue - Sun : 19:00 - 00:00

-Monday - Only in some festivities

-Open everyday in summer

-Semana Santa : 12:00 - 00:00

We wait for you